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The Full Story

LaKita & NaKita 


I am LaKita S. Gordon (pictured on the left) and I am the founder and owner of Git Sum, LLC. I started this movement in 2019 with the goal of motivating myself and others to reach our goals by changing our mindset and behaviors so that we may live a healthier, wealthier and overall better quality of life.

I am NaKita S. Woods and I am the Chief Executive Officer of Git Sum, LLC. I ensure that the day-to-day operations are handled and that long-term strategies are implemented.

The purpose of this site is to motivate you to keep moving forward no matter how hard it seems.  We see that there are needs that need to be met and we endeavor to meet those needs by providing you with resources and service that bring positivity to your mind, body and soul. We believe in the power of love and loving yourself is a personal choice. You are more than enough! Let's start here and let's start today by browsing through our site and if you have any questions/comments please email us at


Git the Sum total of things that bring you better health and more wealth!


  • Change our thoughts

  • Change our behaviors

  • Help others to go  higher

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